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Fruit Sushi

Fruit sushi in surprising and innovative designs on a elaborate plastic tray. The sushi is made from thin, deliciously flavored soy leaves. Perfect as a dessert or as a surprise gift.

Designed fresh fruits trays

A rich, indulgent fresh fruit tray. The fruit is cut, arranged, and ready-to-eat on a bed of washed aralia leaves. 

Dried fruit trays

A tray of fine dried fruits arranged and ready to eat.

Fresh fruits basket

An array of fresh fruits arranged in basket and ready to eat.

Mini sandwiches

Trays of mini pita bites tuna salad, mini pita bites sabih, cheese burikits with hard-boiled egg and sliced pickle, cream cheese and salmon croissant.

Vegetable Platters

A variety of vegetables cut into sticks – indulgent vegetable trays with crackers, seasoned olives and a special dip. 

Premium Cheese platters

Premium cheese trays with seasoned crackers and olives and a special dip.


Freshly squeezed seasonal fruit and vegetable juices, with cut fruit in a glass. 

Recommended combinations

A selection of recommended combinations.

Wines and chocolates

A selection of wines and chocolates as an addition to the tray.

Fruit Land offer a colorful, beautiful, and aesthetic trays.
All the trays are cut and designed in our kitchen with our special personal touch and in every type of tray we put a lot of thought into the correct selection of the tray’s components, the design and the right packaging. The amazing design, and the wonderful flavors create a wonderful experience at your event. Read more >>

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